An award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and entrepreneur, Philippe is a former Head of News and Current Affairs at the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

He spent a large part of his professional career in Zurich, New York, and Washington—where he was White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief for the SBC. A former editorial producer of the Geneva International Human Rights Film Festival, he sits on the board of the Swiss chapter of Reporters Without Borders. Philippe is the co-author of Trump: De la démagogie en Amérique, (2016), Slatkine & Co in Paris.


Jamil Chade is an award-winning Brazilian journalist, author, and international correspondent specializing in international relations based in Geneva.

He is a former president of the Foreign Press Association in Switzerland, a member of the network of journalists fighting against corruption in Transparency International, and one of the researchers for the National Truth Commission, created by the government of Brazil to investigate crimes and human rights violations committed during the military dictatorship in the country.


Sarah Zeines is a Geneva-based, American-born journalist. She has written extensively for local newspapers in both English and French. She writes feature stories about International Geneva for The G|O.