The Geneva Observer (The G|O) is a journalist-founded independent, non-profit online media offering in-depth, high-quality journalism focused on International Geneva's multilateral ecosystem and its global impact. The G|O is "locally international."

The Geneva Observer Briefing, our weekly newsletter, has become a must-read for high-level policymakers, diplomats, UN officials, press and media, and interested global citizens in Geneva and beyond. We bring our readers reliable, independent, and incisive analysis on how key Geneva-based multilateral institutions and civil society players are addressing some of the most pressing issues of the day. We report on how decisions made here affect global policymaking and people’s lives. We shine a light on the opaque world of diplomacy. We go behind the scenes. We investigate and analyze.

The Geneva Observer starts where the news ends.

Geneva is the home of the second largest UN headquarters (after New York) and numerous UN and other multilateral agencies: ICRC, ILO, ITU, WHO, WIPO, WTO, and UNHCR, to name but a few. Over 400 NGOs have offices here. This broad community of knowledge works daily to find the answers to the world’s most pressing issues.

We believe in an international order grounded in multilateralism, based on the universality and inviolability of human rights, gender equality, diversity, and inclusion.

We believe that education, knowledge, and culture empower people to create a sustainable model of development for the world.