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UNAIDS responds to the Geneva Observer

March 11, 2021


This is an excerpt of our Thursday, March 11, 2021 Briefing. Our original March 9, 2021 Briefing can be found here.



In our Tuesday Briefing, we revealed that contingency plans drawn up by UNAIDS included a 40% staff reduction over the next few years as well as a first scenario calling for the elimination of positions left vacant by retirements. This measure alone, we reported, “would lead to a 15% reduction of the current staff over the next three years.”

UNAIDS did not return The G|O request for comments until after publication. Received yesterday, UNAIDS’ email, condensed for space, states:

“UNAIDS is undertaking an organizational alignment to modernize and strengthen UNAIDS for efficiency and impact. The alignment process is being implemented in a transparent, inclusive and consultative way involving all staff.

The numerical targets mentioned in your report are false and the organization remains financially sound. The aim of the alignment is not to reduce staff numbers but rather to ensure our staff are optimally deployed to support countries in implementing the new Global AIDS Strategy, that will be adopted by the Programme Coordinating Board this month.”

We take good note of UNAIDS’s response. We fully stand by our reporting and maintain that the numerical targets mentioned in our Briefing are accurate.

The Geneva Observer

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