Geneva is the only global city without a news organization dedicated to covering its action and its influence in the world. With the presence of the United Nations, more than 300 NGOs, major multinational corporations, renowned higher-education institutions and of a vibrant community of private and public innovators, International Geneva and the surrounding region represent one of the world’s most unique and innovative transdisciplinary ecosystems. It operates as a global “think tank”.


As we enter the 4th industrial revolution, Geneva is where technology meets humanity. It is also where global governance meets the bottom-up activism of civil society. While its actors are engaged in considerable communication efforts on a daily basis, most of these efforts do not translate into increased visibility for International Geneva as a whole. This is not inconsequential. When liberal values are being aggressively questioned and even attacked as part of a “global conspiracy”, an independent media that can inform without being perceived as self-promoting is critically important


Filling a Gap

The Geneva Observer aims to fill an information gap in the current local, Swiss and international information landscape. An independent not-for-profit bilingual digital platform providing in-depth reporting, The Geneva Observer will focus on the dominant forces that affect our lives, shape our societies and transform the world. It will take its readers on an excursion into the most relevant questions of our time and examine how solutions are being shaped here.




Our Mission

The Geneva Observer’s overall mission is to offer the Swiss and international public quality innovative journalism and content curation about International Geneva’s daily contribution to solving the challenges facing the world today.

Our Commitment

The Geneva Observer intends to be part of the reinvention of journalism which puts the reader first, stands out by the diversity of its governance and commits itself to absolute transparency. The Geneva Observer will pledge to listen and engage meaningfully with its sources and its readers.


instead of


It will put these ideas up for debate in the public sphere. It will embrace the agents of constructive change and give them a voice. It will inform without being partisan. It will hold power to account.

Echoing International Geneva’s multi-stakeholder approach, The Geneva Observer will operate as a virtuous journalism cycle, linking its readers and members, the public and private sector, civil society, and academia. Its processes will be fully transparent.

More than a media

With an open newsroom, events, conferences and social activities, The Geneva Observer will serve as a gathering place for its global community of readers.

The Geneva Observer will produce a variety of events, ranging from community events to high level “summits” featuring the leading thinkers on any given topic.

It will put the same care in conceiving its events that it will put in creating innovative, high-quality journalism.

Both activities will feed each other.

Our Credo

Through healthy debates and robust discussions, The Geneva Observer seeks to contribute to the defence of liberal values based on the inviolability of human rights and human dignity, on rule-based institutions and an international order grounded in multilateralism. It will defend gender equality and oppose discrimination. It will promote the idea that education and culture empower people to foster the advancement of a sustainable model of development for our world.

Meet the Team

Its composition reflects the fact that The Geneva Observer is both a journalistic and an entrepreneurial project. The creation, ex nihilo, of a new media is a challenge that requires tapping into a variety of expertise beyond the media microcosm.

Founding members

Philippe Mottaz

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Founder & Editorial Director

An award winning journalist, broadcaster and entrepreneur, Philippe has been active in media and new media for more than forty years. He is a former Head of News and Current Affairs at Swiss Television. Before working in Geneva, he spent most of his professional career in Zurich, New York and Washington where he was White House Correspondent and Bureau Chief for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. His investigative work has been quoted in the Swiss and American media. With Stéphane Bussard,  Philippe is the co-author of "#Trump: De la démagogie en Amérique", published in September 2016 by Slatkine & Co in Paris.

Anne-Claire Adet

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Anne-Claire is the co-director of the Geneva-based festival "Les Créatives". She works at the nexus of culture, politics and the arts. A militant feminist, she holds a M.A in International Development from the Graduate Institute in Geneva. She is among Le Temps’ « 100 personnalités romandes » for 2019.

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Stéphane Bussard

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International Geneva Correspondent for Le Temps

& Editorial Advisor

Stéphane sits on the committee as International Geneva’s correspondent for the Swiss daily newspaper "Le Temps". He spent five years in the US as a foreign correspondent for the paper. With Philippe Mottaz, he is the co-author of "#Trump: De la démagogie en Amérique", published in September 2016 by Slatkine & Co in Paris.

Joelle Fiss

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Swiss and British, Joelle has over twenty years of work experience in human rights and foreign policy — both in the public sector and non-governmental organizations. She is currently a researcher and analyst based in Geneva, Switzerland. Before that, she worked for Human Rights First (New York, Washington DC) and for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament (Brussels, Strasbourg).

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Stephan Davidshofer

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Stephan is currently an Academic Advisor for the Master of Advanced Studies in International and European Security at the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP). He is also a lecturer at the University of Geneva Global Studies Institute (UNIGE/GSI). With a Ph.D from Sciences Po Paris, Stephan has been researching and teaching in the field of Critical Security Studies for the past fifteen years.  

Alexandre Munafò

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Alexandre is Head of Strategic Partnerships and Communications at Interpeace. He is a member of the Geneva Diplomatic Club and a founding member of the Association AGIR, whose purpose is to build bridges and synergies between the “International Geneva” and the broader public in the Greater Geneva area.

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Angus Wallace

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A doctoral candidate in public international law, Angus is a researcher at the Faculty of Law and the Global Studies Institute of the University Geneva. Prior to coming to Geneva, Angus has worked in Belgium, in France, in the UK and in the USA. 

Associate members

Damien Pochon

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Holder of  Master’s studies in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen, Damien specialises in Business Engineering and Business Architecture. With experiences in project management in multinational companies and family businesses he has gathered key expertise in entrepreneurship and strategic and operational marketing.

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Daniel Warner

Former Deputy to the Director, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Former Assistant Director, DCAF

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